Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Germantown Cafe

For those of you who have never spent time out in Nashville's Historic Germantown, you are truly missing out. The feel of "Nashville's first Subdivision" with its updated lofts and sidewalk cafes, made our dinner at Germantown Cafe more of an experience than just a meal.

We were seated immediately against the large wooden booth "wall" that added a warm, Southern feel to the otherwise modern and trendy decor of the cafe. The large windows let in beautiful amounts of sunlight which made the place seem larger and brighter than the typical dark restaurants of downtown Nashville.  

The menu offered so much variance, it was difficult to know where to start. As we were trying to watch our weight after the cruise, we passed on the appetizers (begrudgingly). We had given up red meat for the week as well so we both ordered the house Riesling ($6) since we knew we would be having a chicken or seafood dish. It was a very crisp and refreshing Riesling, especially considering it was the house option.

 Our waiter than brought out a basket of bread and this is the moment when the earth stood still for a quick second. This bread can only be described as more of a savory doughnut. It was delicious and by all means, the best bread I have ever tasted (Cole seconds that sentiment). If this restaurant had the worst food I have ever eaten (which it definitely didn't), I would still become a regular for this bread alone. Our waiter confirmed that the bread, along with most everything they serve, was made in house. He also explained that for Sunday Brunch, they serve this bread covered in Brown Sugar and served with a Fruit Butter, something we are very excited to try.

 I guess that's enough about the bread, as the rest of the food was amazing as well. We split an order of the special which was a Blackened Tilapia ($19) served over Polenta Cakes with a Fruit Salsa and Sauteed Spinach. We also order the Pasta of the Day ($11.95) which was a Bowtie pasta in a Tomato Basil Sauce. Both of the meals came with salads so I opted for the Caesar while Cole had the House Salad. The salads were very fresh and the perfect start to our meal, with house made croutons that separated them from the "normal" dinner salad you would expect. The Tilapia was cooked perfectly and the spices were just right but the pasta was just a touch bland. We decided to combine the two meals and add the sauteed Spinach which was just the perfect compliment to the conservative flavors of the pasta.


 While Germantown Cafe can be pricey, it can also be enjoyed on a budget by combining aspects of the menu as we did. My biggest tip, be sure to order something that comes with the bread (Are you getting how much I liked the bread yet?)  Also, try to go before 6 pm if it's a weeknight so you can try The Cocoa Tree right next door, which provides the perfect end to a wonderful meal.

Ratings for Germantown Cafe: (Scale 1-10)
Happy Hour - 0 - No Happy Hour Specials
Taste - 7.5
Ambiance - 9
Overall - 7.5

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