Monday, April 25, 2011

Morton's The Steakhouse (Bar 12·21)

   Morton’s is infamous for being a top quality and top price steakhouse but many people don’t realize there are ways to do dinner there on a budget. Cole and I ventured to Morton’s to get the most out of our $50 budget and definitely did just that by taking advantage of their Bar Bites options.

  The Bar Bites are available in the bar Sunday - Friday from open until 6:30 pm and then 9 pm to close and feature high end appetizer like variations of their normal dinner menu for a fraction of the price. The servings are generous even though they are called Bites so we decided to share a few.

  We went with the Crab Cake BLT ($6 HH), Petite Filet Sandwiches ($6 HH), and Blue Cheese Steak Fries ($5 HH). While the Crab Cake BLT had a little too much crab for my taste (a good problem to have), Cole loved it, specifically the quality and crispiness of the bacon. One tip if you try the BLT, order extra mayo, as the combination of the bread, crab, and bacon, can be a little on the dry side. The Filet Mignon sandwiches come on a soft sesame bun with a pile of perfectly cooked filet mignon and are as delicious as they sound and a steal for the $6 price. The steak fries are crispy on the outside with a velvety texture in the middle and rival any fries I’ve tasted.

    To compliment the food, I went for a glass of Kung Fu Girl Riesling ($10.75) and Cole opted for the High Gravity Dogfish Head Pale Ale ($8.25). While the drinks are a little pricey and not part of the Happy Hour specials, with the money saved on the food, its worth it. All in all, with tip included, we spent $50 exactly and could have easily done it for less had we skipped the alcoholic drinks.
 Morton’s has a classy Mad Men type atmosphere and the bar is full of people talking, laughing, and enjoying good food. The service is also one of the best in Nashville and our waitress in particular was amazing, so when you go try Morton‘s, ask for Lauren.
Ratings for Morton‘s: (1-10 scale)
Ambiance – 8
HH Specials – 6.5 (Only due to lack of drink specials)
Flavor – 9
Overall – 8.5


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  1. good find on mortons! if you like the steakhouse atmosphere, you have to try fleming's 5 for $6 til 7 PM. it's an amazing deal + the food/drinks are absolutely fabulous! i did a quick write-up of it at